MOBI724 Global Solutions (CSE: MOS) Invites Current and Future Investors to a Webinar for a Material Management Update

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MOBI724 Global Solutions (CSE: MOS) Invites Current and Future Investors to a Webinar for a Material Management Update

– Momentum Public Relations –
Press Releases: February 16th, 2017

MOBI724 Global Solutions Inc. (“MOBI724” or the “Company”) (CSE: MOS), a FinTech leader offering integrated EMV payment, Card-Linked Offers and Digital Marketing, hereby invites its current shareholders as well as the public to assist a webinar presided by Marcel Vienneau, CEO of MOBI724 to provide a material management update and to answer questions. In compliance with Canadian Securities Regulations, the Company advises that management has requested, on a voluntary basis, that the trading on the MOBI724 shares be halted temporarily due to the dissemination of material news and the presentation the management update webinar.

Interested parties may log in at the following web address:

Please register for Management update on Feb 16, 2017 1:00 PM EST

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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About MOBI724 Global Solutions

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, MOBI724 Global Solutions Inc. (CSE: MOS), a leader in the FinTech industry, offers a unique and fully integrated suite of Card-Link Offers, Digital Marketing and EMV Payment solutions.

MOBI724 is innovating the market with a combined EMV payment, Card-Linked Offers and Digital Marketing Platform that works on any payment card and any mobile device. MOBI724 pioneered the addition of intelligence to all types of transactions benefiting banks, retailers and cardholders. MOBI724 succeeds in leveraging all available user and purchasing data to increase transaction volumes and spend.

MOBI724 provides a turnkey solution to clients to capture payment card transactions on any mobile device, at any POS or from any payment card. Our easy-to-adapt gateway switch is designed for simple integration with all payment protocols.

Within the same suite, MOBI724 combined its Card-Linked Offers solution and provided payment card issuers, banks and retailers with the ability to add offers and/or coupons, which can be redeemed directly at the POS in a seamless user experience for all the parties in the ecosystem

MOBI724 provides its customers with full and comprehensive traceability and enriched consumer data through its offering. Its solutions enable card associations, payment card issuers, banks and retailers to create, manage, deliver and “track and measure” incentive campaigns worldwide to any payment card, to any mobile device and allow redemption at any POS.

MOBI724 ’s credit and debit EMV payment solutions allow banks to process end-to-end EMV transactions, focusing on authentication, PCI security and quick merchant adoption, which allows to process payments with a wide range of devices.

MOBI724 Global Solutions unleashes the true potential of both Card-Link Offers and smart payment transactions.

For more information, visit  or call Marcel Vienneau at 1-514-394-5200 x 413.

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