The Holy Grail of Skin Whitening Products – Expert Panel Discussion with Sirona Biochem


Sirona Biochem – The Holy Grail of Skin Whitening Products

– Momentum Public Relations –
September 22, 2016

Sirona Biochem (SBM:tsxv) is a proactive development and discovery stage based biotech firm with an R&D lab situated in Paris, France. The biotechnology enterprise is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, and is world renowned for its state of the art fluorination chemistry technology. Their cutting edge platform is currently used to create cosmetic products that are both safe and effective for human use and consumption, as well as a plethora of pharmaceutical drugs.

Moreover, their leading edge compounds are either acquired by or licensed by multinational conglomerates in return for royalties, milestone payments, and/or marked upfront payments. It should also be noted that their platform focuses on the molecular stabilization of carbohydrates; which is noteworthy because carbohydrate based drugs are one of the most commonly prescribed drug families in the United States.

Notably, Sirona is currently working on what would be a company changing deal to license their newest compound, ‘Skin Lightener SBM-TFC-1067’. Globally, there is a growing trend for lighter skin in many parts of the world.  Approximately 15% of the world population invests in skin lightening products and the global market is expected to reach US$23 billion by 2020. Below is an excerpt from a recent CEO update explaining how they have a product that has garnered them serious interest from some of the world’s largest cosmetic / pharmaceutical companies.

Skin Lightener SBM-TFC-1067

SBM-TFC-1067 continues to attract the interest of global cosmetic companies, a list which continues to grow. A number of these companies completed material transfer agreements allowing them to test the compound in their facilities. We successfully scaled-up and produced over 1 kg of compound. In parallel, we completed independent testing in a 3D melanocyte model that mimics human skin. The results showed a strong skin lightener at low dosing without signs of toxicity. As this model is used by our potential partners to assess compounds, the study was key to obtaining independent results and improving our negotiating position. (view full CEO Update)

In addition, Sirona Biochem currently has two licensing agreements with two multi-billion dollar companies; namely Valeant Pharmaceuticals International (VRX:tsx) and Wanbang Biopharma.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held yesterday in Vancouver, BC. Investors were clearly happy with what they heard. The stock price traded up on good volume. Management was very enthusiastic and are confident in their negotiations to secure a licensing deal with a global corporation for the Skin Lightening compound. For understandable reasons Management could not disclose details of their private discussions with the interested purchaser(s), however, the general consensus with investors is that Sirona (SBM:tsxv) is a Buy or at least a very enthusiastic hold.

The video below which was recently released will give you an in-depth look at this market and Sirona’s role in it. Spoiler Alert: First Berlin analyst Ellis Acklin explains their current price target of 98 cents for SBM. That’s a price target that excludes the potential SBM-TFC-1067 licensing deal. Keep in mind that as of today Sirona is only trading at 20 cents CND.

The Holy Grail of Skin Whitening Products – Expert Panel Discussion with Sirona Biochem

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