The Many Pros of Mobile Couponing

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The Many Pros of Mobile Couponing

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Gone are the days of sitting down, browsing the newspaper for weekly deals and daily coupons. Over the past few years, the weekly coupon cutting has been replaced with online daily deals, loyalty cards and digital coupon apps. In fact, in the United States alone, 103 million adults used digital coupons online. This represents 52% of the population, with numbers only expected to grow within in upcoming years.

Mobile coupons have also grown in popularity over the last few years, and have benefitted companies who can now add deals and coupons in Apple’s passbook and through other mobile apps. This allow consumers to browse deals from brick and mortar stores, credit card in hand, rather than at home in front of their computers. Interestingly enough, 47% of consumers would like to receive promotions and coupons on their devices when they are in or near retailers. Consumers carry their mobile phone wherever they go, using it as a main organizational tool in their lives. Knowing this, mobile coupons offer many advantages, even when compared to their digital counterparts.

For one, mobile couponing is mutually beneficial to both the consumer and the retailer. While consumers can view deals while in-store, saving them both time and money, the underlying technology allows merchants and retailers to measure real-time data on consumer purchases and buying habits, not to mention ROI. This information is vital in order to provide consumers with targeted discounts and coupons, which in turn creates more brand loyalty. We now see top retailers like Sephora, Target and even Starbucks offer coupons, conveniently accessible on a consumer’s smartphone. Retailers can also use special geo-targeting and proximity to end-user to ensure the most relevant ads are sent to certain consumers – they hit at the highest moment of impact, when the consumer can smell the fresh baked bread standing right outside the store.

Mobile coupons are also much more convenient over the traditional paper coupons – it’s much easier to show a barcode than to carry around countless pieces of paper, scurrying to find a relevant one at the cash register. As mentioned, consumers no longer need to browse weekly flyers and spend time cutting out relevant coupons. Because of the technology, companies can also send reminders to use mobile coupons, rather than leaving it up to the consumer to redeem.

Certain tech companies like Mobi724 Global Solutions have taken mobile couponing to the next level by allowing for the streamlining of mobile deals and couponing into what they call smart transactions. They allow the consumer to link all of their coupons and loyalty programs onto one banking card in order to benefit from a wide variety of discounts without even having to scan a barcode. With this technology, consumers can pick their interests and Mobi will find and link all relevant coupons to a credit or debit cards. This allows consumers the convenience of having to carry only one card, and to pick out areas of interest so that their deals are especially relevant. Using this smart transaction technology allows companies to target their coupons and advertising to the right consumers all while building brand loyalty and better customer relations.  If there’s one thing the consumer has become less tolerant to through mobile couponing, it’s irrelevant advertising that is more difficult to ignore than through more traditional paper and digital couponing. This service also benefits the banks by ensuring constant use of the same bankcard on which the savings, thus ensuring better customer loyalty.

Statistically, mobile coupon users have higher household incomes, are better educated, shop more frequently than users of paper coupons. There will also be an estimated 1.05 billion mobile coupon users by the year 2019. These numbers show that smart transaction technology like Mobi’s will become increasingly popular, not to mention relevant. By offering targeted advertising, companies and larger retailers can create better relationships with their consumers and in turn, maximize their profits.


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