The Future is Now: Mobile Couponing Streamlined


The Future is Now: Mobile Couponing Streamlined

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People have been using coupons for as long as the saving’s catalyst has existed. Interestingly, 315 billion coupons-valued at approximately 510 billion dollars-were distributed via all mediums in 2013. What’s more, it is estimated that there will be over a billion mobile coupon users by 2019, which is more than double the amount of digital coupon users in 2014. As can be seen, as technology has evolved over the decades consumers have looked for newer and more convenient ways to save. To address this growing problem Mobi724 was founded. Mobi724 is dedicated to one swipe couponing; a seamless transactional experience whereby consumers are able to enjoy digital promotional incentives-such as loyalty rewards rebates-via their mobile devices. Furthermore, their cutting edge technology provides proprietary payment processing that uses the latest security safeguards.

Interestingly, many enterprises are excited about the ingenuity that Mobi724 brings to the digital realm and are quickly joining in on the mobile couponing revolution. For instance, Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc. (MOS: CSE) recently signed a commercial agreement with Movistar to provide its cutting edge technology to its 17+ million subscribers. (View Press Release) As a result, any of its legions of dedicated subscribers will be able to take full advantage of their smart transactions technology at any point of sale that is operated by a participating retailer.

In terms of the industries that Mobi724s technology is currently targeting, large retailers, telecom providers, and banks are currently their three largest demographics. Of course, this is with good reason, as it will benefit consumers greatly in the lonmobile bankingg run. Imagine having to do away with a plethora of coupons and loyalty cards-such as Air Miles-by having all of the clutter seamlessly integrated into an existing debit card or credit card. Not only would such an integrated approach greatly convenience consumers around the world but retailers, telecom providers, and banks can also provide the service to entice new customers/clients to do business with them, while delighting existing customers; promoting customer/brand loyalty in the process.

Moreover, as an added bonus, the underlying technology that Mobi724 provides allows for instant, real time tracking of consumer and client behavior; allowing partnering enterprises to collect timely, accurate, and relevant data in regards to their clients’ spending habits and preferences. As a result, companies will be able to send their customers targeted coupons that cater to their unique needs; instead of the mass marketing “shotgun” approach that has left customers embittered and frustrated for the last few decades. Niche is the name of the game, and companies have quickly adapted to “future-tech” by being proactive instead of being passive reactionaries to the fluidity of the capitalist milieu.

In regards to how Mobi724 monetizes its tech, the concern collects a monthly maintenance fee for its integrated service platform as well as a modest percentage in revenue share from each coupon transaction. Furthermore, prognosticators estimate that 10% of the revenue that the company generates in the next 18 to 24 months will come from maintenance fees, while the remaining 90% will be generated via recurring revenue generated by transaction fees.

Given their forward thinking modus operandi, it is evident that their bottom line has ample space to grow exponentially in perpetuity. With new international conglomerates joining forces with Mobi724 with each passing day, and the use of coupons no longer being a taboo in our progressive postmodern zeitgeist, one can only imagine where Mobi724’s market share will be just 5 years from now. The sky is the limit, as Mobi724’s state of the art tech allows for coupons to be validated, consumer/client data to be collected, and relevant discounts to be relayed back to the customer, with a simple card swipe. Why go back to the future when the future is already here?

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