The Digital Couponing Revolution

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The Digital Couponing Revolution

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Digital couponing is rapidly gaining popularity with the rise of the digital age. Social media, email, and face-to-face online chat are the primary means of communication. Gone are the days of coupons being only for the destitute desperately seeking the next deal in the Sunday paper. It’s no longer necessary to stalk the papers and magazines for useful paper coupons (although this is still a legitimate couponing method).

Right now, there are three major methods of digital couponing available with a fourth emerging as possibly the most convenient of all.

Printable Coupons

Many coupons and quality deals can be found online. Some of these coupons are printable. They require you to have a printer and often sign up for the website’s email list. Using this type of digital coupon can yield a lot of valuable in-store deals. There are even some that can be combined with other offers for maximum savings.


eCoupons can be used one of two ways. First, they can be used as codes to make online purchases. There are certain websites that offer coupon codes or cash back for making purchases through their websites. Other times, you can use eCoupons that load directly to your store loyalty card. When you use your loyalty card at checkout, your coupon is automatically applied to your total.

Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons are growing in popularity and can be used in several different ways. Some coupons can be downloaded to a smartphone and used in store by scanning the barcode. Others can be used by downloading applications that provide coupons for specific brands or general products and snapping a picture of the receipt or scanning the product barcode after purchase. Using several apps for a single grocery trip can sometimes yield half-price or even free products.

Real Time Mobile Coupons

In addition to these couponing methods, a new way to coupon is emerging and promises to be even easier. A leading innovator in this method is Mobi724. They offer digital couponing that is personalized to the user and directed to the customer’s bank or credit card. The customer simply needs to accept the coupon on the Mobi724 app and make the in-store purchase with his or her respective bank or credit card. The coupon rate is then deducted from the bank or credit card statement for instant savings.

The great thing about this couponing method is the level of convenience that it offers customers. It’s simple and can be used on any mobile device worldwide. The method uses analytics based on the professed interests of the customer. When you download the application, you will be asked to provide a list of your interests, and coupons are chosen for you based on those interests. When you receive an alert for one that you want to use, go to the store, make your purchase with your bank or credit card, and you’re done.

There is no clipping coupons, no searching multiple applications for the best deals, no snapping pictures of receipts, and no scouring websites for the coupons that you need. This couponing method does the work for you. All you have to do is shop like you normally would, and your savings is automatically applied to your account.


In today’s busy world, we are always looking for ways to make life just a little easier. It’s easy to get buried in the clutter of multiple paper coupons and couponing apps. It’s hard to keep track of couponing on top of all of our other responsibilities. It’s great to have a method available that takes away the extra steps or can be used in addition to those steps for maximum savings.

Whatever couponing method you choose, there is no doubt that the digital age has revolutionized couponing and made it even easier for people from all walks of life to save on their everyday purchases.

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