The Canadian Wastewater Alchemist: Turning Sewage into Gold


The Canadian Wastewater Alchemist: Turning Sewage into a Golden Opportunity

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Approximately two-thirds of the greenhouse emissions being generated annually stem from consumption and energy production. As such, the goal is to accelerate the development of eco-friendly technologies that will decarbonize energy consumption and production in order to fight climate change. Here’s another staggering statistic: Experts estimate that Americans flush down about 350 billion kilo-watt hours worth of energy into the sewer systems every year. Moreover, all of that energy, if harmonized, would be sufficient to provide power for over 30 million American homes annually. Who would have thought that all the seemingly worthless and dirty laundry and dishwater, not to mention shower drain water, could be the quintessential catalyst required to galvanize the world’s energy recovery and efficiency initiatives?

Justine Trudeau - WastewaterIn addition, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently announced that the Southern Ontario Water Consortium would receive 12 million dollars in order to research and develop new innovative water based technologies that will help provide clean water for Canadians and the world at large. Prime Minster Trudeau also recently attended the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, which was held in Davos-Klosters, Switerland from January 20th to the 23rd, and gave a passionate and ingenuous speech on Canada’s role in developing new technologies that can help impact the lives of the disenfranchised. You can watch the full speech, as well as his one-on-one interview with Dr. Fareed Zakaria here.

As can be seen, the need for clean, renewable energy and water are at an all time high. With over 7 billion people on the planet that need convenient access to clean water for drinking, hygiene, and for heating purposeSharc Systems, the demand for a renewable, clean source of water has never been higher. Fortunately, one company has answered that need with gumption. The innovative minds that founded International Wastewater Systems (IWS: CSE) (IWI: FSE) specialize in turning sewage into a clean, renewable energy source for the masses. What’s more, the company was founded by a group of engineering and technical connoisseurs with over a century of combined experience in the geo-exchange, ventilation, and heating industries.

Specializing in wastewater heat recovery, International Wastewater Systems is strongly committed towards manufacturing premium grade products that are eco-friendly and will reduce the costs incurred by cooling and heating homes around the world. For instance, their proprietary and cutting edge “Sewage SHARC” has the ability to cool and heat commercial buildings and multiplex apartment units, as well as generate domestic hot water. The eco-friendly enterprise also extends its services towards large scale geothermal installations, energy districts, and hotel installations. Regardless of the services that they provide, the medium that they use remains a constant; raw sewage. By using a previously untapped renewable resource that is in nearly infinite supply, International Wastewater Systems can provide thermo-mechanical services that are reliable, scalable, cost effective, and energy efficient.

Furthermore, International Wastewater Systems won the Green Building Award at the 2016 AHR Expo Innovation Awards for their leading edge Piranha Wastewater Heat Recovery Heat Pump. The state of the art self-contained heat pump works by extracting thermal energy from wastewater in order to produce domestic hot water that can be used for a myriad of commercial applications. The Piranha can also be used for stand-alone commercial projects and is optimized to work with fifty to two hundred unit residential complexes. Those interested in learning more about their cutting edge wastewater systems can pay a visit to their booth (#2997) at the largest HVAC marketplace in the world, which is taking place in Orlando, Florida from January 25h to January 27th in 2016.


As the world looks to unbridled pioneers to catapult humanity into the stratosphere of global change and growth, International Wastewater Systems looks to be the leader in wastewater management, sustainability, and adaptability. Having made appearances in National Geographic, BBC News, The Global Mail, North American Clean Energy, HPAC Engineering, Water Canada, Clean Energy Pipeline, the Journal of Commerce, and many other reputable publications, it is evident that the world has taken note of the innovative green technologies that International Wastewater Systems has brought to the forefront. To learn more about the company and their newfound technologies please visit > here.


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