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Momentum PR is a public, investor and media relations agency serving publicly-traded companies listed on the TMX. Momentum is based in Montreal, Canada and was founded in 2008 by President and CEO, Maxence Gagné-Godbout. The Company specializes in launching targeted awareness campaigns for small and medium-sized public companies. Momentum PR aims to provide value to those who use its services through effective campaigning, careful client selection and timely dissemination of valuable information. Our campaign management experience includes successful communications and promotional projects for a wide variety of industry sectors, including:

Technology and FinTech

Biotech and Life Sciences

Mining and Mineral Exploration


Momentum’s diverse team of professionals bring over 75 years of combined experience and have a proven track record of success. With a specialization in corporate communication and added value services, Momentum PR is well positioned to assist your company through its multi‐tiered service offerings.

Momentum Team
President and Chief Executive Officer

Max Gagné

Experience: Mr. Gagné has over 10 years of experience in the investment industry. His experience and institutional relationships in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver make him a leader in the industry.

Expertise: Investor Relations, Public Relations and Corporate Development, Management Consulting

Senior Associate, VP of Business Development

Jonathan Williams

Experience: Mr. Williams has over 8 years of experience in the investment industry. He studied commerce at Dawson College, has a BA in Sociology/Law from Acadia University and a Certificate in Marketing from Concordia University. Throughout his professional career, he has focused and accumulated years of experience in telecommunications, sales and business development. For the past two years he has been working as a consultant on a variety of investment/public relation campaigns and has developed successful marketing and communication strategies

Expertise: Investor Relations, Public Relations, Corporate Development

VP of Communications

Mark Turcotte

Experience: Mr. Turcotte is the newest member of the team. Mark is a previous owner of an online marketing and advertising firm and has had a professional career of over 10 years of managerial experience. He is well versed in culture, business etiquette, international conferencing, and negotiation solutions.

Expertise: Investor Relations, Public Relations

Executive Consultant, Client Manager

Josh Falle

Experience: Mr. Falle is one of our senior bilingual members. Josh’s experience lies with the public as he has accumulated over 10 years of professional experience in both the sales and service industry worldwide. He has also had over 5 years of experience in telecommunications and investment relations.

Expertise: investor relations, public relations

Investor Relations Editor

John Graham

Experience: Mr. Graham worked in senior corporate and agency positions, as well as a journalist and author for over two decades. He has a BA in History from Carleton University, an MA in Communications from Concordia University and a graduate diploma in film production from the University of Southern California. He was a founding partner of Investor Relations International, an agency which provided planning and communication services to aviation, banking, commercial real estate, emerging market, engineering, capital market trading, investment, telecom, and technology companies with offices in New York and Montreal

Expertise: Investor Relations, Public Relations

Business Admin

Ginette Morin

Experience: Mrs. Morin has a professional career of over 20 years combining valuable administrative experience in the business development and process improvement field. She also pursued studies in graphic design and visual arts making her an important asset to our publicity and marketing department.

Expertise: Business Administration, Operations, Organizational Development

Momentum Team

Public Relations

Momentum PR services publicly-traded client companies with a range of targeted services.

At Momentum, our focus is on building and driving new brand awareness, cultivating new audience interest and disseminating target market messaging on behalf of client companies, and their valued shareholders.  We offer clients a basket of valued added service offerings, including; business and management consulting, media management marketing communications and investor relations services.

Our campaigns employ a range of digital communications technologies to communicate company; news, collateral updates, and catalysts with the highest standards of proficiency, and professionalism.  In doing so, our team strives for targeted and measureable business results, via new brand recognition, market awareness and active retail audience relationship building and communication.

Our team of PR professionals and independent consultants specialize in building and maintaining positive corporate imagery. We help strengthen valued relationships across a network of to top market news channels, web portals and established media platforms. Targeted networks include a range of audience groups such as retail investors, capital market intermediaries, newsletter writers, trade media editors and sector analysts. Momentum PR consultants have a proven track record of planning and executing successful campaign initiatives, including:

Assist Publicly Traded Companies

At Momentum PR, we assist in publicly traded companies preparing, developing and managing their corporate development profile. This process includes consulting with management teams and institutional relationships to; source and facilitate new portfolio projects, corporate restructuring, M&A transactions, and performance enhancement initiatives. Our team is diligent in business planning and valuation as well as document preparation, and works primarily through the analysis of existing operational or organizational development plans to identify new opportunities for corporate development and improvement through viable growth projects, and industry best practices. TSX companies leverage our management consultants to gain new exposure to our expert advice, specialized expertise and network.


Campaign Strategy and Planning

Promotional activity and media coverage without an intelligent strategy will rarely meet campaigns objectives. Momentum PR works with management and stakeholder teams to develop new public relations, media and marketing communications strategies and messages that will develop a positive and productive profile for your organization within the marketplace.

Media Relations / Content Management

Momentum PR advances the successful brand development of client companies by producing, placing, managing and distributing targeted media content for coverage on preferred business news channels and market platforms. This includes projects in broadcast, print, web and new multimedia content.

Social Media / Viral Networking

In a digital information environment, social networks presents an excellent opportunity to generate new interest. So, Momentum PR designs top social media profiles on behalf of our clients (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and develops and distributes relevant and recent content creating viral networking activity, to qualified audiences, via blogs, forums, videos and podcasts. Web‐based social media marketing includes a Facebook page, Twitter account and a LinkedIn account. All web‐based marketing is updated regularly to reflect your company’s developments. In addition, Momentum will devote a marketing professional to pro‐actively promote increased membership and following.

Tradeshows / Industry Events

Momentum supports client companies in the resource, technology, life and bio sciences industries by coordinating and staffing of industry tradeshows, investor conferences and media events. Momentum PR also organizes business luncheons, speaking events and conferences alongside top events to develop new relationships with key contacts in the brokerage community.

Investor Relations

Momentum PR assists public companies in distributing their messaging to target audiences within the North American investment community. Through our national network of institutional investors, analysts and financial media relationships, our team may communicate our clients’ value drivers, growth potential and development vision clearly and efficiently.

Our experienced team of communications specialists work closely with senior management to build campaign objectives and market activity while executing on a long term investor relations strategy and respond to immediate changes. Our Services range from communication of recent company news, ongoing development activities and forecasted milestones to quarterly earnings announcements M&A transactions or financings.

Momentum endeavours to communicate clear, concise and highly effective messages.

Investor Kit / Brand Materials

Momentum will work with your team to design, write, develop, produce and promote a powerful corporate identity and multi-media investor collateral material kit. The goal of Momentum investor kit is to provide a powerful and informative marketing communications package program that will position your company competitively and differentiate your company’s value based offering in the marketplace

Investor Kit / Brand Materials

Momentum will work with your team to design, write, develop, produce and promote a powerful corporate identity and multi-media investor collateral material kit. The goal of Momentum investor kit is to provide a powerful and informative marketing communications package program that will position your company competitively and differentiate your company’s value based offering in the marketplace

Prospecting / Lead Generation

Effective communication with shareholders, prospective investors and the capital markets complements your business strategy, adds value and makes you stand out from its competitors. Momentum PR will plan and execute a comprehensive investor relations program for your value proposition. Momentum maintains a list of over 45,000 targeted retail and institutional investors and will provide a monthly list of names of investors that are interested in your issue

Newsletters / Direct marketing

The Momentum Report newsletter features; client content, news, collateral, media coverage and company websites. We design, distribute, track and provide follow-up education services using a global database of key contacts for target subscriber email campaigns. Momentum includes two Momentum report email campaigns per month. (One campaign for each of two press releases which targets 3,500 investors, in addition to those generated by prospecting)

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