Our Company

Our Company

Momentum PR (Momentum PR) is a public, investor  and media relations 330x225-04agency serving publicly traded companies listed on the TMX.  Momentum is based in Montreal, Canada and was founded in 2008 by President and CEO, Maxence Gagné-Godbout. The Company specializes in launching targeted awareness campaigns for small and medium-sized public companies.  Momentum PR aims to provide value to those who use its services through effective campaigning, careful client selection and timely dissemination of valuable information. Our campaign management experience includes successful communications and promotional projects for a wide variety of industry sectors, including:

 CleanTech and FinTech

 Biotech and Life Sciences

 Mining and Mineral Exploration

Many of our clients have grown into great success stories. This is in part a testament to Momentum PR’s ability to raise awareness of promising businesses. It also showcases the trust potential investors put in the companies highlighted in Momentum PR awareness campaigns.

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Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is a necessity for all savvy investors. To achieve great CONSISTENT returns, smart investors know they need all the information they can get. We have your information!