Sirona Biochem (SBM:TSXV)

Sirona Biochem

Sirona LogoSirona Biochem (SBM:tsxv) is not a traditional biotech company. Sirona is a product – pipeline company with a proprietary technology platform developed at its laboratory facility in France. The company specializes in the stabilization of carbohydrate molecules, with the goal of improving compounds’ efficacy and safety. Sirona Biochem’s compounds are being developed for both pharmaceutical and cosmetic marketplaces and are patented as new chemical entities for maximum commercial protection and revenue potential. Newly developed compounds are licensed to leading companies around the world in return for licensing and milestone fees and ongoing royalty payments. TFChem, Sirona Biochem’s wholly-owned French laboratory is a recipient of multiple French national scientific awards and a European Union and French government grant.

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Sirona Biochem
Phone: 604-641.4466
Toll Free: 1-888-SIRONA1

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