Dundee Sustainable Technologies (DST:CSE)

Dundee Sustainable Technologies

Dundee LogoRecognized by Sustainable Development Technologies Canada and the National Research Council, Dundee Sustainable Technologies is responsible for the development of several important green technologies. Most notable is the Extractive Chlorination process, used to process ore in an environmentally friendly manner. Other processes treat arsenic contamination, or create fertilizers from ore tailings.

From DundeeTechnologies.com:
The broad approach used is based on chlorination, either with hydrochloric acid or elemental halogens, chlorine, bromine or a mixture of both. A closed-loop approach of liquids and gases is also a feature of Dundee Sustainable Technologies technology along with the production of inert and insoluble solids after treatment. The selection of chlorination is the consequence of the fast rate of reaction, at atmospheric pressure and relatively low temperature of the chlorinating agents with a great variety of minerals. State of the art low price materials rendered possible the construction and operation of equipment without significant corrosion problems.

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