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High-Potential Lithium Projects in North America

Equitorial Exploration (EXX:TSXV) is aggressively developing three significant, high-potential 100%-owned Lithium properties:

Little Nahanni Pegmatite Group Property (LNPG)
The Little Nahanni Pegmatite Property is in the NWT, adjacent to the Yukon border and
some 39km WNW of the Canada Tungsten mine. The prospect comprises 5,393 ha (53.93 km2) consisting of a system of branching swarms of dykes that extend over 13km exposed strike length and up to 500m width.

Tule Valley Lithium Brine Project
The Tule Valley Project consists of 26 claims of 26 acres each and is located approximately 190 south west of Salt Lake City, Utah. The property straddles Juab and Millard counties. Access is by a all weather, hard surface highway from Delta, Utah and from Wendover, Nevada or by a paved road to the south.

Gerlach Lithium Brine Project LNPG - NWT
The Gerlach project is comprised of 89 claims, 720 hectares (1,780 acres), located in the San Emidio desert, 5 miles from Gerlach, Wahoe County, Nevada and 120 km north of Tesla Gigafactory #1. The property is located within the southern lobe of the Black Rock Desert, a graben feature of the Basin and Range geological province which is dominant throughout Nevada.


Acquiring and Developing
Gold Exploration Projects


● NI 43-101 (March 20, 2017) concludes, “Sufficient grades to bring the rock to within economic values.”

● Combined strike length: 13 km; Dyke swarms up to 500 m in width

● Assays with a peak value of 3.1% Li2O

● Drill program planned for this season

Tule Valley Lithium Brine Project - Utah

● Lithium bearing district - Honey Comb and Crystal Peak projects nearby

● Closed basin similar to Lithium-rich Clayton Valley

● Samples as high as 200 ppm Li

● Geophysics and drilling planned to evaluate potential for a mass brine deposit

Gerlach Lithium Brine Project - Nevada

● Large closed basin

● 120 km north of Tesla Gigafactory #1

● Geophysics and drilling planned to evaluate potential for a mass brine deposit

50/50 Joint Venture with Mag One

● First right to finance equally the construction of Mag One’s first magnesium and refining production facility to produce magnesium metal and related products

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