International Wastewater Systems (IWS:CSE) Announces Australian Project

IWS Announces Australian Project

– Momentum Public Relations – March 16, 2016

International Wastewater Systems Inc. (“IWS” or the “Company”) (IWS:CSE)(FRANKFURT:IWI) is pleased to announce its inaugural project in Australasia, a SHARC wastewater heat recovery system (“SHARC”) to be installed at a facility operated by the Australian Wool Testing Authority (“AWTA”) in Melbourne.

AWTA is the largest wool testing organization in the world and utilizes significant amounts of hot water at its testing facilities. Once testing is complete, thousands of liters of hot water are diverted to cooling tanks before being sent to the sewer system.

The SHARC will intercept the water being discarded from AWTA tests, capture the heat and then transfer the heat back into the boiler system. This will offset a significant amount of natural gas currently being used by ATWA’s boilers. The SHARC system at the ATWA facility is expected to produce approximately 680 kW/h of heat, reducing ATWA’s energy costs by up to 80% for the same application and reducing carbon emissions by approximately 600,000 kilograms annually.

The SHARC installation for ATWA is being led by Environmental Technology Solutions of Australia, a leading provider of energy efficiency and sustainability solutions with offices in Canberra and Melbourne. The SHARC is expected to be installed during the second quarter of 2016 with a value of approximately CDN $300,000.

This will be the third installation of IWS technology at an industrial facility following installations at the Sechelt Water Resource Centre in Canada and the Camden County Wastewater Treatment Plant in the United States.


Lynn Mueller, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

About International Wastewater Systems Inc.

International Wastewater Systems Inc. (IWS:CSE)(FRANKFURT:IWI) is a world leader in wastewater heat recovery. IWS systems recycle thermal energy from wastewater, generating the most energy efficient and economical systems for heating, cooling & hot water for commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

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