Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Momentum PR assists public companies in distributing their messaging to target 330x225-03audiences within the Canadian investment community. Through our national network of institutional investors, analysts and financial media relationships, our team may communicate our clients’ value drivers, growth potential and development vision clearly and efficiently.

Our experienced team of communications specialists work closely with senior management to build campaign objectives and market activity while executing on a long term investor relations strategy and respond to immediate changes. Our Services range from communication of recent company news, ongoing development activities and forecasted milestones to quarterly earnings announcements M&A transactions or financings.

Momentum endeavours to communicate clear, concise and highly effective messages through the financial services industry and North American investment community.

Momentum IR Services

  Investor Kit Brand Materials

  Prospecting / Lead Generation

  News Release / Wire services

  Roadshows / Industry Events

  Newsletters / Direct Marketing


Investor Kit / Brand Materials

80x80-Investor-KitsMomentum will work with your team to design, write, develop, produce and promote a powerful corporate identity and multi-media investor collateral material kit. The goal of Momentum investor kit is to provide a powerful and informative marketing communications package program that will position your company competitively and differentiate your company’s value based offering in the marketplace

Prospecting / Lead Generation

80x80-ProspectingEffective communication with shareholders, prospective investors and the capital markets complements your business strategy, adds value and makes you stand out from its competitors. Momentum PR will plan and execute a comprehensive investor relations program for your value proposition. Momentum maintains a list of over 45,000 targeted retail and institutional investors and will provide a monthly list of names of investors that are interested in your issue

News Release / Wire Services

80x80-NewslettersEffective news release design and development is an essential public relations service, for any publicly traded company. The Momentum PR team is trained in working with clients to develop targeted and informative technical copy press releases, for company regardless of the industry, market audience or subject matter. Our team also writes media content, investor presentations, brochures, intranet sites, magazines, newsletters, social media, and company websites

Investor Roadshows

80x80-TradeshowsMomentum PR assists client companies in increasing audience awareness and brand loyalty by designing roadshow campaigns that include networking events, broker meetings, presentations and speaking engagements. This will allow you to pitch your development story to brokers, retail investors, fund managers and investment banking teams. Roadshows include Investor presentations to our private network of retail and institutional investors (+350 entities that have already experienced positive earnings with our firm)

Newsletters / Direct marketing

80x80-Investor-KitsThe Momentum Report newsletter features; client content, news, collateral, media coverage and company websites. We design, distribute, track and provide follow-up education services using a global database of key contacts for target subscriber email campaigns. Momentum includes two Momentum report email campaigns per month. (One campaign for each of two press releases which targets 3,500 investors, in addition to those generated by prospecting).

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