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Enterprise System for end-to-end Service Delivery

Imex Systems (IMEX:CVE) Building the Next Generation of  Smart Governments  and Smart Cities

Our end-to-end solutions capability enables us to deliver projects with single point responsibility.

Our mission is helping governments to better utilize technology to serve their citizens, and to become Smart Governments. We transform how governments deliver services, not just implement an e-Government system.

We turn a number of departmental systems within a government into a single enterprise system for end-to-end service delivery, allowing for a better understanding of the citizen’s interaction with the government.

Our products and services help governments to provide “Any Time, Any Where, Any Device and Any Channel” convenience for citizens to access government services. Governments can communicate instantly and effectively with their citizens – to keep them well informed, whether it is an emergency or change to a service.

Our payment systems help governments to better manage their revenue using a variety of payment methods and technologies; from traditional cash transactions to cutting edge mobile payments.

We help governments disburse benefits and other payments electronically; reducing costs and improving citizen convenience.

Our Business and Management Consulting Services help sharpen business focus and setup effective business processes and identify effective technology solutions to fulfill business goals.

Our On-Premise and Cloud solutions help every Government from a small township to a large federal government, whether it is an advanced economy or an emerging country.

Enterprise Governmental Software

Our History

Imex Systems Inc. was incorporated in 1997 in Toronto, Canada. Our other business locations include Washington, DC (USA), Dubai (UAE), and Tokyo (Japan). We have pioneered internet based applications right from the early days of the internet. These include electronic billing systems, online payment systems and smart community portals. We have been working with the public sector since 2001 and developed our first integrated e-Government system in 2004. Over the last decade, our products and services have evolved significantly to meet new challenges and incorporate new and emerging technologies.


We strive to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions and ultimate customer service. We are driven to deliver projects and solutions on time and on budget. Our confidence is based on our proven track record of success. Our reputation is built on quality, service and cost effectiveness. We partner with our customers. We understand their business and challenges, and help them focus technology investments to achieve their short term and long term business goals.

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