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Acquisition of Health & Wellness Companies

Relevium Technologies (RLV:TSXV) is a publicly traded corporation strategically focused the acquisition of e-retail brands, products and technologies in the health and wellness market, with specific interest in Overall Health, Nutraceuticals, Fitness Nutrition and Cosmeceuticals.

Relevium’s first acquisition is a patented bio-magnetic technology that helps the recovery process from injuries by improving circulation and reducing pain. In addition to its focus on acquisitions, Relevium will also utilize its patent for the development and commercialization of direct-to-consumer magnetic technology wearables for use in therapeutic devices to assist in the recovery and healing process from injuries in muscles, ligaments and tendons.

“It is the Mission of Relevium Technologies to invest in Knowledge, Products and Services in the Health and Wellness Space, with particular focus on Pain Management, Quick Recovery and Optimal Performance. We create value by consolidating unique products and services for our customers: the progressive health and wellness consumers.”


Our Focus

Pain Relief

Pain avoidance is one of the most important drivers of consumer behavior worldwide. The market for pain relief is estimated to be about $39 billion and is expected to reach $41.5 billion in 2017 with a compound annual growth of over 5%. The primary focus of Relevium in this vertical segment is on wearable devices that reduce musculoskeletal pain caused by injuries or mechanical dysfunction.


Musculoskeletal injuries such as sprains and strains are among the most common and costly burdens to the medical system and workforce. Direct costs (medical expenses) related to injuries are estimated at $190 billion per year and indirect costs (loss in wages) $120 billion per year. The Integrated Benefits Institute suggest that for every 100 employees the costs to companies’ amounts to $103,000 per year. The primary focus of Relevium in this vertical segment is on wearable technologies that reduce recovery times in treating musculoskeletal injuries.


Traditionally, under the global sports apparel market and encompassing over $135 billion of business in 2012, Performance has widened in scope to include Nutrition and Mind. Driven by a growing fitness consciousness, living better and longer, the need for performance enhancement is expected to drive market growth exponentially. The primary focus of Relevium in this vertical segment is on Nutraceuticals and Wearables that enhance overall performance and reduce recovery time.

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Montreal-based Relevium Technologies has embarked on an aggressive acquisition plan to become a Canadian brand name in the booming e-commerce health and wellness sector; concentrating on the nutraceutical and cosmeceutical markets.

Nutraceuticals are a broad brush description covering a wide variety of nutritional supple-ments, ranging from those designed to stay healthy, increase athletic performance, aid in injury recovery and even extend to hemp-based vegan supplements.


Looking Forward:

1. Another acquisition before year end

2. Launching new brands and developing new products

3. Developing line of pet care products

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