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Environmental Health Departments SAAS

HealthSpace (HS:TSXV) is an industry leading software as a service company providing data management services to state/municipal environmental health departments across North America.  In a nutshell, they provide the software and manage the data for health departments that are responsible for protecting public health (restaurant inspections, public pools, long-term care facilities etc)

Health Space currently has approximately US $2.6M of contracted revenue with over 300 government and municipal clients throughout North America (over 80% of the business is based in the US).  Notable clients include Health Canada, Virginia Department of Health, Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Wisconsin Department of Health Services, etc…  Proudly, Health Space has not lost one client since its founding in 1998.

The company has recently expanded its sales force with the addition of a technology sales veteran and anticipates that the new technology product and data monetization strategy will generate a significant increase in top and bottom line revenue in the coming year.  CEO Peter Smyrniotis, forecasts an additional $7.0M in top line revenues to be created this year. 

Medical SAAS

Your Data, Your Way

From rapid processing and approval of inspection reports to quickly creating, granting and printing permits, if you need speed and flexibility in your data management you’re going to love HealthSpace Cloud. Any user in your organization can make use of data in the way that best suits their role and use case. And our intuitive interface ensures that you won’t need to call in a development team to get it done.

Your Tasks, At A Glance

Whether you’re making the jump from paper or laptop-based inspection reporting, you’ll be amazed at how fast and easy it is to enter data in HealthSpace Touch. You’ll have access to all the codes, regulations and violation reporting tools you need within a couple of taps.

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