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AREV aligns strategically with companies that support a fully integrated product line, from seed to finished products, positioning AREV as a leader in the cannabis industry.


AREV Nutrition Sciences Inc. (“AREV”), produces and delivers functional ingredients from its world-class extraction system. AREV is revolutionizing the current delivery method of coconut oil, whey protein and nutrients through emulsification. These premium ingredients and products are targeted for the natural health, medical, functional food, nutraceutical, sport nutrition and bioceutical markets. AREV is also working with Pharmacy and Dispensary operators with an innovative emulsified base formula to disperse Cannabis oil extracts from specific selected genetic Cannabis strains that address 5 areas of health including Anxiety, Pain management, Insomnia, Central Nervous System Disorders & Sexuality.


AREV owns unique extraction technology that has the capability to flash freezes active ingredients, oils and oleoresins for use as ingredients in food, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and other consumer products. The extraction system is capable of vacuum extraction conditions with alcohol, water, and critical and noncritical CO2, as well as high-pressure alcohol extractions from 29+ inches of mercury to 2500-psi pressure environments enabling cold polar extraction and non-polar extractions. AREV will seek to add value with the production of premium ingredients for the functional food, nutraceutical and natural health product sectors.


Revolutionizing nutritional supplements by providing convenient, great tasting, quality nutrients for the whole family.


AREV operates two distinct divisions: consumer products and manufacturing as ingredients supplier. These divisions are supported by a team of scientific experts and state‐of‐the art production equipment.


AREV’s consumer products division delivers products that enhance quality of life and the overall wellbeing. Our products are distributed nationally in health food stores, sport nutrition stores and online. Our products are registered with Health Canada to support their safety and efficacy.


AREV aligned strategically with companies that support a fully integrated product line, from seeds to finished products, positioning AREV as a future leader in the cannabis industry. Within his recent acquisitions of 42 acres in multiple locations, AREV will manufacture finished oil products with propriety cannabis strains specifically breed to address key areas of targeted health, starting with anxiety, pain management, central nervous system, insomnia and sexuality. AREV also has the exclusive distribution right to a full line of BARE Topical products (Multi-Award Winning).


AREV is in the process to finalize a leasing agreement with a world class pharmaceutical facility in order to set up ingredients manufacturing for the nutraceutical markets, and to eventually process cannabis and hemp into value-added innovative and safe products that work.


AREV wants to set up the bar and be a showcase for how cannabis should be processed and made into finished products.

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