Are Investors Returning to Gold?


Optimism Ahead for Junior Gold

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Optimism in the Mining Industry

It is common knowledge that the mining industry has suffered and has even been near disastrous at times in the past few years. However, speculators and investors are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, after years of economic turmoil, we have seen recent rebounds in the Venture, which has many investors taking notice.

Impact on the Junior Mining Sector

Investors are examining a number of individual smaller gold mining prospects like Corex Gold (CGE:tsxv), that are nearing or have already begun to exploit reserves. At the current price of gold, these investors have every reason to be optimistic. Gold mining operations with solid resources and low cost of extraction can generate solid profit and create shareholder value when the commodity is trading in the area of USD $1200 to $1300 per ounce.  Industry analysts expect the price to continue to rise within the next 12 months. Market observers also believe that the perception of safety of gold as an investment has for the most part returned.

With optimism in the mining industry on the rise, there is also good reason to believe that the current price of gold will positively affect the junior mining sector.


While there is cause for optimism in the junior mining sector, it is important to remember that standard business fundamentals still apply. Wise and experienced investors will lay low and avoid being caught up in “pricing euphoria” and will continue to look at key metrics, management experience and historical data to determine the worthiness of an investment.

When evaluating a company’s ability to produce resource and provide value to shareholders, it’s always important to ‘dig down’ and see who you’re working with. In the case of the aforementioned Corex Gold (CGE), apart from the ongoing joint venture partnership with GoldCorp. (G:TSX – GG:NYSE), one name stands out above the rest;

Chester F. Millar.

c_millarBorn in British Columbia in 1927, Chester Millar began his career in the Canadian mining industry when he discovered copper gold deposits, after which he founded Afton Mines Ltd. in Kamloops, British Columbia. The company was acquired by the Teck Corporation, which operated the Afton Mine until its closure in 1997.

Later on, in the 1970’s, Millar pioneered the use of heap leaching to process low-grade gold ores in the western part of the United States. He also successfully introduced the process of heap leaching in Latin America by writing a book about the technical process in Spanish that received overwhelmingly positive responses from engineers and other interested parties in the community.

One of the mining industry’s most successful entrepreneurs, Millar was inducted in to the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame in 2008, having helped many junior exploration companies such as Gamis Gold and Eldorado Gold transform into substantial gold producers with global operations. Millar also contributed to the early growth of Alamos Gold and Castle Gold, two companies based in Mexico, with the belief that mining explorations should provide long-term benefits to the local people.

With few equals as a builder of junior mining exploration companies and extensive experience in Mexico, Chester Millar sits on the operations team at Corex Gold. The Corex Gold Company is considered one of the premier exploration companies in Mexico, which has a mission to create shareholder wealth through the discovery of new gold deposits in the area. As an emerging company, Corex investors participate in quality exploration projects and the potential to take part in possible major gold discoveries.

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  1. And these major new gold and gold-stock uplegs are only just beginning. Gold investment was forced so darned low by years of extreme central-bank market distortions that it will take years more of buying to normalize. And gold stocks have so far to rally merely to mean revert, let alone reflect higher prevailing gold prices, that they’re destined for years of heavy investment buying. We’ve hardly seen the tip of the iceberg.

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